Brittany Greer.jpg Heritage Oak School has been a part of my life for the past 3 years and has been a blessing to my family. I have enjoyed the school as a parent and even more now as a teacher.  I was able to substitute in some of the classes and found I really enjoyed the academic program compared to past teaching experiences. I like that families and teachers worked together for the benefit of the student and I wanted to be a part of a school that taught a classical Christian education. It is definitely a plus that my children attend as well. 

  Early Childhood Education is my passion. I get to see God's great gifts through a child's eyes daily. Whether it is through prayer, new discoveries like a shadow, or their love for the Bible. Watching their growth both spiritually and academically throughout the year is very fulfilling. They are always learning and I get to be there ready to teach them. 

  Everyday when I get to work I am greeted with a smile and a hug. It brings me joy to know that my students are happy to see me for another good day.  I have a class full of bright children who love the Lord and it makes it very easy to get up to go to work everyday.