When I was young, I loved to play "school" with my sister. I knew I would follow in the footsteps of my mother and uncle and become a classroom teacher. My student teaching was completed as part of my senior year at Westmont College, and upon graduation I started working as a classroom aide. I finished my Master's degree and was hired to teach in a junior high school. Little did I know what path the Lord had set before me.

My educational career has taken me from public school to Christian school, and from elementary school to christian high school in california. No matter where God placed me, I always knew my students needed me for a teacher and God had something for them that He could only communicate through me. My heart follows Esther's words; "for such a time as this" these students need me as their teacher. I know the Lord has used me in every place I've worked to not only share knowledge, but to share my faith in Jesus and proclaim the wonders He has given to us. 

Teachers love the moment a student "gets it". But I also love the moments when I can share what the Lord has done in my life. And I love singing in chapel!

How grateful I am for the path the Lord has had for me. Living in Tehachapi and teaching at Heritage Oaks was never in MY plan, but I'm so grateful it was in HIS plan!