Discipling students and being a part of their spiritual growth is my greatest passion as a teacher. While I know that the information and skills we teach in our classroom can impact students for a lifetime, helping them to know Jesus and walk more closely with him has eternal value. As an Omnibus teacher, I am blessed to teach a subject that has discipleship built right in to it. 

Omnibus is the curriculum we use at Heritage Oak to teach literature, history, and theology. Its overarching goal is to teach student to think biblically about the books we read, people and events we study, and worldviews we encounter, both ancient and modern. Whether we are studying The Odyssey, Plutarch's Lives, or The Hobbit, we still see that right is right, wrong is wrong, and God's Word is the ultimate standard of truth. 

After we analyze the question, "What does the Bible say about this topic?" we go on to ask, "And how does this truth affect my life?" These discussions give me opportunities to explicitly encourage my students' relationships with the Lord. My hope and prayer is that the lessons we learn go beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge, and that students would walk out of my classroom knowing God better and loving him more deeply.