Chris_White.jpgMy love for childhood discipleship was sparked when I was a child and young teen, myself. I was saved at the age of seven, and over the years have had many mentors in the faith. God truly blessed me with saints who nurtured my relationship with Christ, and pressed me to grow in my faith. I am convinced that my faith and devotion to Christ is a direct correlation to those efforts. Couple my own experience with God's promise that children who are instructed in the ways of the Lord will not depart from Him and His ways as adults, and I cannot find anything else more worthy of my time than serving the kingdom of God by training children to be disciples of Christ.

I've been involved in children's ministry and youth ministry since I was 17 years old.  Over half of my life has been spent serving Christ by serving children and their families. I've operated a daycare and home school program, served as a director of youth ministry, served as a director of children's ministry, and served as a grammar school principal and teacher. I've found that the most fruitful and rewarding discipleship opportunities have come in the classroom. The demands of, and the interpersonal nature of grammar school provides daily opportunities to speak to a child's heart. 

Christian education, then, is my great passion in service to God and others. Being able to teach all subjects with God's revealed will and nature in mind is invaluable. In fact, without a central understanding of biblical truths of God, I would argue a complete education is impossible; as the fear and knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom. And, what good is it to gain the whole world, including an education, only to forfeit the soul? It is my deep desire that every 6th grade student of Heritage Oak School, would come to know their full and complete salvation, how deep and wide their saviors love for them is, and how to understand the world around them by the anchoring truths of God's word.