Judy_McMillin.jpgTeaching at Heritage Oak School allows me the privilege of serving as a mentor as well as a teacher.  Seeing students grow in their knowledge of Jesus and His Word is a priority as I proceed through each day.   Being sure that each student feels seen and valued as God’s Creation is a constant prayer of mine.

Educating students in the Grammar phase of Classical Christian education is a pleasure.  Grammar age children naturally respond to imitating and singing jingles of all sorts. Coupling the jingles with hands-on activities and games ensures a healthy interaction with whatever information is being gathered.

Second Grade Bible and History lends itself to teaching through a biblical Worldview.  We proceed through Genesis to Joshua, as well as following God’s people into and out of Egypt.  Key Christian topics such as creation, obedience, sin, repentance, God’s plan of redemption, the commandments, righteousness, meekness, faith and courage are weaved into all our subject matter because it is a core part of our curriculum. It is my daily joy to filter all that is taught through Scripture.