IMG_2814.jpgHeritage Oak is a very unique school setting. The faculty and staff believes strongly in discipling the students and instilling within them knowledge and wisdom through a Christian Worldview, and that without submitting an education to the will of God, it is of little value. HOS is completely committed to examining our curricula and teaching methods under the direction and authority of God.

Classical education is a wonderful methodology in which I believe students can receive the best education. It uses the trivium, which allows the student to learn in the way which best addresses the student's developmental learning levels. Grammar students are primarily taught the grammar of a topic when they are more suited for this level of learning. As students mature and desire to know the reason and the logic, or rational, behind things, we focus on reasoning and incorporate the teaching of logic. Finally, students are expected in the upper grades to be able to synthesize what they have learned, and express themselves eloquently. As our students gain knowledge, it is important for them to defend themselves rationally and yet, gracefully. This is why I believe Heritage Oak is a valuable and appropriate school to give any student a full and godly education.