Lynne Henning.jpgI fell in love with Heritage Oak School as soon as I enrolled my daughter in Kindergarten here. The
school’s culture of grace and the kindheartedness and gentleness of our teachers create a unique
environment for learning and spiritual growth.

When the opportunity to teach Latin at HOS arose, I welcomed it with open arms. I studied Latin in
university as part of my own classical education and have always valued the deep insight it gives me in
my study of languages, the arts, and even sciences. It is my goal to help my students understand that
studying Latin, and learning to speak Latin, could give them the same deeper understanding of their
other subjects.

I believe that, in the process of learning to parse, label and translate Latin sentences, students learn a
method of calm deductive reasoning that serves well them in all aspects of their lives. When students
come across a particularly difficult sentence, they learn to approach the problem in small increments
and to try to work on little bits at a time. In so doing they quickly realize that, by breaking a big problem
up into smaller parts, they can handle it better and even come up with a solution for it. Conversely, if students are confronted with a seemingly easy sentence, and make quick work of translating it, they often miss a crucial part and make mistakes. Thus, Latin teaches them to concentrate on the details
and not to rush into things. I believe that by studying Latin, our students will grow to a deeper knowledge and understanding of, not
only Latin, but all their other subjects as well.