Michelle Hamm.jpgI wanted to teach a Heritage Oak School because I would be able to impact the lives of children
by bringing God into all aspects of the classroom. As a 1st grade teacher at HOS, I am able to
talk about God while educating as well as when dealing with behavior and character growth in my

It is a privilege to not only live in a country where we can openly pray and make Jesus the center of our lives, but to also do this in a school setting. Observing the students, staff, and parent helpers around the campus, my heart cannot help but rejoice in the blessing of being surrounded by such an amazing group of people God has brought together. I know for myself, as well as my two children who attend this school, our HOS family has embraced us with love and acceptance and the world feels a little less lonely.

Recently in chapel, the sound of all of our children lifting their voices up in union to God made me stop to turn in awe. Looking over the crowd of faces, I could not help but get teary eyed as I witnessed the beautiful work God was doing at that very moment in the lives of our children. It is at times like this that I am so very thankful to be part of this school and His plan.