Warren Jaul.jpgAt Heritage Oak, in the morning, before school starts, students and faculty meet together to pray. At the end of the day we close in prayer. We're dismissed with the cry, "Knights for life,” and respond, "All for Christ!" This school is about adoring our Creator!

The purpose of education is to pass on what is true on to our students. Truth starts with Jesus; He said He is the Truth. Without being able to talk about the redemptive work of Jesus in the classroom, there can be little real learning taking place. At Heritage Oak, we train students to filter all of the information that comes to them, throughout their life, through the lens of God’s Word. One way we do this is through a biblically-based catechism that students memorize, where the tenets of Christianity are clearly expounded. God, also, shows Himself in His creation, so in our study of science we learn about God.

It has been said that, “The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.” So, as we study science, students are taught to look for God's creative hand. A magnetized piece of steel, free to move in the earth’s magnetic field, and a sand-filled hour glass, were used by Columbus to find his way across thousands of miles of ocean to discover a new continent. It was God who gave man the intelligence and the desire to accomplish that feat.

Students are inquisitive about many things. They are, however, exposed to many false teachings in secular movies and books. In a Christian school, I can help them  search God's Word and answer their questions, discovering what the Bible says on any subject without hesitation, countering what the world tells them. We have the truth found in the Scriptures and we share it with our students.