Zachary Douglas.jpgEver since I was in high school, I knew that God has called me to mentor and disciple students. As the Spiritual Life Director, I have been able to answer this calling to help bring students closer to Christ. This is done through meeting with students, the House System, and through weekly chapel on Wednesday mornings.

The students here are learning that God is the central part of every area of academics. The staff and faculty at HOS are focused on making sure the students are growing in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and God's word alongside their academics. I wanted to be a part of Heritage Oak School because I know how vital this type of education is in our age. 

Classical education at HOS is an experience that pushes the students in a way that cannot be found anywhere else in the Tehachapi area. I truly enjoy being a part of Heritage Oak School and partnering with parents to bring their students closer to Christ.