Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Heritage Oak School. We are growing and expect to have a number of openings for the 2018‐2019 school year! Heritage Oak has a 5 step process for hiring faculty and staff members:

1. Qualified applicants holding a bachelor's degree or higher that are committed to excellence in education rooted in the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ are encouraged to submit a CV or resume to the school address or via email to

2. After administrative review, qualified prospective applicants will be selected to complete a formal application (including the candidate's written analysis of Dorothy Sayers Lost Tools of Learning essay). 

3. Once the formal application has submitted and reviewed, candidates will be selected for the interview portion of the hiring process. This includes one or more meetings with the Head of School and/or other Administrative representatives. 

4. After the interviews have been completed, qualified applicants will be asked to submit a video clip of the candidate teaching a lesson for administrative evaluation. If the applicant prefers, we will arrange for an on-sight opportunity to teach a lesson. 

5. The final step in the hiring process will be met when the Head of School makes a recommendation of a candidate to the School Board for a final interview and vote. 

Teacher Application

Lost Tools of Learning Essay by Dorothy Sayers

Current openings - fall 2018

Humanities & Apologetics Instructor, possible full- or part-time

A strong understanding of reformed theology is a required as well as a thorough knowledge and support of presuppositional apologetics. Applicants should be familiar with classical education methods, possess an understanding of formal and applied logic, the Socratic method, and exhibit excellent rhetoric and writing skills. He or she must be able to connect major literature themes and lead students to Biblical conclusions through an integrated discussion of history and literature. Interested individuals must be willing to attend Teacher Induction the week of August 6-9). Minimum education requirements: Bachelor's Degree.


Grammar School Teacher, full-time

Applicants should have a love for teaching children balanced with strong classroom management skills, as well as a a solid understanding of basic Bible doctrines as taught by evangelical Protestant Churches. Interested individuals must be willing to attend two training sessions in the summer (July 16-20 and August 6-9). Minimum education requirements: Bachelor's Degree.


Athletic Director/Coach, possible full- or part-time 

Applicants with prior coaching experience or training are encouraged to apply. Responsibilities would include PE, after-school sports, organizing parent volunteers, and sports related fundraising. Applicants should have a strong desire to see additional sports opportunities added for HOS students and be willing to work well with others outside the school to accomplish this goal.