Parent Jobs

Parent jobs are one of the most important aspects of Heritage Oak School. Not only are they critical to the smooth running of our school, they provide a unique opportunity for you, the parent, to serve as a godly mentor to all the students. Your Christian influence is a vital part of the students' spiritual growth. We encourage you to view your parent job as a privilege to serve and not simply just an obligation to fulfill. Your enthusiasm, confidence and consistency will go a long way in influencing the students.

Be assured that the job you are required to serve will be an investment with eternal significance. The students and the school will be blessed by your commitment, while you will be blessed in return.

After all applications are received, the Administrator and/or Principal will review them and will place each parent in an appropriate Parent Job. (See Parent/Student Handbook for a list of jobs available.) Though we will try to accommodate each parent by placing you in a job by using the information provided, we may have to place you according to the greatest need. You will be notified of your selected position on orientation night in August. If we do not receive your application, we will place you in a Parent Job at our own discretion.

Parent job requirements

Regular Parent Job attendance is crucial to proper functioning of the school. According to state law, the school is required to provide proper supervision to all students at all times. 

Heritage Oak School requires each family to serve a minimum of 105 hours for the year (3 hours per week x 35 weeks). If your assigned job does not meet the annual requirement, you may need to request additional jobs to fulfill the hours required for the year. We will collect time cards each month and ask parents to fulfill the monthly obligation of 12 hours. If you have worked less than 12 hours for the month, we ask that you pay a fee of $10 for each hour missed. If you have worked more than 12 hours, we will log those on your time card for future use.

Upon arriving for his/her parent job, the parent should sign in the Teacher workroom and must document their time on their Gradelink account before the end of each month. Be sure to note arrival time as well as departure (or in the case of off-campus duties, note time task began and ended). 

In the case of a holiday or snow day we ask that you make up your time on another day (see Head of School for additional tasks that are available). Exceptions are made for Thanksgiving week, Christmas break, and Easter break. 

Parents are required to wear their HOS name tag when working at the school (also located in the Teacher Workroom). Please remember to return your name tags and sign out prior to leaving the school premises. 

Parents are required to dress appropriately and modestly while on campus. Please be mindful of the reasons for which dress code standards are set; "appropriately" so that a job can be done efficiently and professionally and "modestly" so as not to cause another to stumble. Adults have the responsibility and privilege to lead by example. For these reasons, we ask that parents refrain from wearing tank tops, shorts, low-cut tops or tight-fitting clothing including spandex/leggings (unless modestly covered by a mid-thigh or longer garment). 

Parent Job Absences - If you will not be able to fulfill your parent job for the day, you will need to find a replacement or switch with another parent. Please notify the school office immediately of any change. 

Leaving School- If you need to leave campus during your work hours, please notify the teacher/supervisor you are assigned to and record your correct time on Gradelink.

Parent Job Replacement Procedure- When a parent is absent and does not find a substitute, it places a tremendous burden on the school staff to find a replacement. If this occurs, the school will hire a substitute from a parent job substitute list. The substitute will be paid at the rate of $10.00 per hour. The money to cover the substitute's pay will be added to the absent parent’s monthly bill. For example, if a parent misses his/her 3-hour parent job, and we had to hire a paid substitute, the absent parent will owe the school $30.00.