Parenting with a Chronic Illness

Posted by Shannon Loftus, MA HP, RPA/RPH on January 29, 2019

No one likes being sick. When you don't feel good, it is a struggle to do the basic tasks like getting yourself ready, doing chores around the house or even going to work. And when you are a parent, you not only have to care for yourself, but for also little human beings who have a lot of needs they can't do on their own. Now imagine feeling that way day in and day out and the responsibilities of being a parent. That is what parenting with a chronic illness feels like. There is a constant struggle to overcome your health obstacles to take care of your own basic needs, your child's basic needs, then maintain a certain standard of living and on top of that try to create enjoyment for your kids and yourself. But, if you are one of these parents like me, there is still hope and ways you can overcome some of these obstacles.

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Don't Let Schooling Interfere with Education

The average California student by the time she finishes high school will have spent 13,500 hours in school or roughly 2 full years in a formal school environment. Think about that for a moment: 2 full years or roughly one third of all waking hours from ages 6 to 12 are spent on schooling.  Have you considered the purpose of all of this education? As we have discussed in other blogs, merely spending this time does not ensure the student will earn a ‘living wage’ to raise a family.  But is the goal truly to earn a living or is education broader than this end?

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Board Games: The Forgotten Learning Tool

Posted by Dr. Darren Robison, D.C. on January 09, 2019

When was the last time you played a board game? If you said when you were a child, then it’s been too long. Board games can be a powerful way to connect with our children. Each game is different and can help you interact with your child in unique ways. They can also be a useful and fun learning tool, teaching them educational and social skills, without them knowing it. Once they experience the enjoyment and relationship building with you, they won’t want to be on electronics!

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Get Out the Door In 5 Minutes


As a New Year’s resolution, you might have told yourself and your children that you are going to be on time to school and work when you go back after the Christmas break. With getting yourself ready, your kids ready, and making lunches, mornings are a little stressful and chaotic.  Having a command center could help your mornings be a little less chaotic and maybe even get you and everyone else out the door in five minutes!

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The Aftermath of Christmas

Posted by Michelyn Devine, PsyD on December 27, 2018

 After the excitement of presents, food and family during Christmas, children might experience a low in emotions when the fun is over. Or they might experience these emotions during the regular school year. You may hear them say, “Mommy or Daddy, I’m sad.”  On one hand, it is good that your child is comfortable coming to you expressing their feelings, whether it be good or bad. On the other hand, we as parents want our children to always be “happy” so we don’t like hearing them say that they are sad, mad, etc. Our next thought is “What happened to them to make them sad?”

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Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

An adult male patient came to me seeking help. He didn't need help with his physical health but his mental and spiritual health. Despite a reportedly happy marriage, he was addicted to porn and knew he had a problem. And like most people in today's age, he thought I could prescribe a pill to fix it.  Sadly, there is no medication that could treat this sin. Thankfully, God promises to not just treat but cure this and all other addictions at the end of time.  He also gives us truth and guidance on this topic in His Word. Not only do adult males and females struggle with this addiction, but now we are seeing more and more young children falling into this trap as porn is so easily accessible on the internet . Knowing how easy they can access it and how destructive it can be in their lives, how can we help our children understand and avoid falling into my patient’s situation?

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The Importance of a High School Guidance Counselor

Posted by Dr. Caroline Robison, O.D. on December 08, 2018

Have you asked your high school student, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Whether your child’s future dream career involves a college education or trade school, high school guidance counselors can help your student develop a plan to reach their future goals.  Here at Heritage Oak School each high school student individually meets with our Guidance Counselor, Christi Barnes, and develops a personalized plan for their post high school future. Through a series of questions, Mrs. Barnes leads our students towards their career path.

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What's the difference between SAT, ACT and CLT exams?

College preparation can be an overwhelming process and there are so many things to consider. One of them is the college entrance exams - which one is better, how do you prepare for them, and what score is good? A new entrance exam was introduced in 2015 that now gives students another option from the SAT and ACT. The Classic Learning Test (CLT) combines reading comprehension, grammar and mathematics into a 2 hour exclusively online package. 

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Teen Mood Swings - Navigating Through Them

Posted by Shannon Loftus, MA HP, RPA/RPH on November 29, 2018

Many of us parents have experienced, are experiencing, or have the pleasure of looking forward to the pendulum swing of the teen-ager mood. What brings this on? What can possibly explain your teenage son or daughter, being somewhat overly confident one moment, and less than an hour later in the “depths of despair” to quote Anne Shirley?[1] You might say puberty, and you are right; but, do any of us parents truly understand what is going on when it comes to this phase in a young person’s life? And how do we navigate these mood swings and still be a good parent?

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Is a Bachelor's Degree Enough Anymore?

 As I sat there at a friend’s college graduation, I thought about these graduates’ uncertain futures.  What is a bachelor’s degree worth these days? Is a bachelor’s degree enough to support a family in the middle class?  Does everyone need a bachelor’s degree to be successful in the workforce? What was the only option to earn a decent living is now not the best choice for everyone. There are many factors to consider to make the best decision for yourself or a joint decision with your child.

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