Can My Graduate Manage Finances? Take the Quiz

When we talk about preparing for college financially, we tend to think of college saving accounts, scholarships and the financial aid packages.  But even as we save and seek out ways to help the family finances, too often we neglect preparing our student of financial independence. Take this quiz below to gauge your high school student's preparedness for financial independence.   

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Creation or Evolution?

Posted by Dr. Darren Robison, D.C. on March 30, 2019

“It is just crazy to believe in Creation!” “How can you ignore actual science and believe in some all-powerful being creating everything?” “Don't you know that evolution is a proven scientific theory?” These are just some of the comments that our middle and high school students will have to face when they are dealing with the topic of evolution. Evolution is a difficult topic to discuss with your children. It can be a very complex issue but it is also a very important one. How can we help prepare our kids to have this discussion with peers and teachers?

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Improving Your Family's Health The Old Fashioned Way

 The American diet, full of processed foods, salts and lack of vegetables, leads to poor health.  Even more misleading, celebrities tout ‘healthy’ diets such as organic or gluten free diets (for those without diagnosed celiac sprue), which have no evidence regarding health improvement.  The internet and glossy magazines in the supermarket, offer endless myths, legends and lies about ways to improve your health. Try the keto diet, buy this supplement or try this 24 hour cleanse!  Meanwhile, despite trying these fads, the average American remains overweight, inactive and sleep deprived.  Have you ever considered what ways you could sustainably improve your personal health and your family’s health? Where do you turn for advice?  

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Don't Let Scholarships Pass You By

Posted by Dr. Caroline Robison, O.D. on March 16, 2019

We learned from last week’s blog post, Eliminating College Debt, One Latte at a Time, that the average college graduate will carry about $37,000 in debt into their adult life. One way to help eliminate this debt for our children is to start a college savings plan early on. Another way is to have our kids apply for grants and scholarships. Each year about $49.3 billion is given in “free money” (students do not have to pay this back) through grants and scholarships by the U.S. Department of Education, colleges and universities, and private sources such as individuals, foundations, churches, professional groups, and many more.(1) But how do our high school students get awarded some of this money?

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Eliminating College Debt, One Latte at a Time

 37,152 will buy you a lot of things.  It’s the price of a new Audi A4 or a 20% down payment on an $180,000 home or 8,353 Grande Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks.  It’s also the average amount of student debt carried by college graduates. In 2018, the total outstanding student loan debt hit $1.53 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. What if there was a way to decrease this debt for our kids and start them out on the right path after graduation?  Great news! By beginning a college savings account today, the future can look brighter!  

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Money Lessons With an Eternal Perspective


Certain life lessons are critical for success and happiness such as looking both ways before crossing the road. Or the consequences of not obeying traffic laws. Or why it’s a bad idea to spend more money than you make. Even as we strive to teach intentionally, our behavior influences our children all the more.  More is caught than taught. How we handle money in day to day life speaks volumes to our children about its purpose and its role.

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Protecting Yourself Online

 One day sitting at my computer, a technician called me offering a free upgrade to the latest operating system. To accomplish this upgrade, the technician directed me to download a program as she assisted me. As I began to comply, I realized there were significant security problems with this ‘upgrade’.  I started asking pointed questions of the ‘technician’ who would not provide me her name, company or location. This lack of information became very clear to be a scam.  In the past, people could steal your money, could steal your children, could steal your property, but now they can do much more than this: they can steal your identity.  In 2017, hackers stole 17 billion dollars and affected about 17 million Americans.(1)  As we move into 2019, here are some tried and true tips to protecting yourself and your family online.

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Should My Children Be Expected to Do Chores?

As parents, we are constantly cleaning up messes our children make, cleaning the house, making meals, doing the dishes, and doing outdoor chores. Is it fair to both our children and ourselves to do everything, not making our children contribute to these household chores? Some might think it would be cruel to have our kids do chores because they are too small, not mature enough, or not smart enough. Some might think it is our job as parents to do everything for our children. However, age appropriate chores can provide valuable lessons that will help prepare them for life outside of the home.

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10 Easy & Delicious Weeknight Meals

Posted by Jessica Delmos on February 12, 2019

We are well into the school year, and it seems like the days are getting busier and busier. Between work, clubs, sports, and homework, it can be hard to plan and cook dinner; especially 5 or more days a week. I’m not sure about you, but stressing out over what to cook is something I do not look forward to. Please tell me I’m not the only one. That being said, I have rounded up 10 quick and easy dinner recipes that are perfect for those busy weeknights.

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Parenting with a Chronic Illness

Posted by Shannon Loftus, MA HP, RPA/RPH on January 29, 2019

No one likes being sick. When you don't feel good, it is a struggle to do the basic tasks like getting yourself ready, doing chores around the house or even going to work. And when you are a parent, you not only have to care for yourself, but for also little human beings who have a lot of needs they can't do on their own. Now imagine feeling that way day in and day out and the responsibilities of being a parent. That is what parenting with a chronic illness feels like. There is a constant struggle to overcome your health obstacles to take care of your own basic needs, your child's basic needs, then maintain a certain standard of living and on top of that try to create enjoyment for your kids and yourself. But, if you are one of these parents like me, there is still hope and ways you can overcome some of these obstacles.

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