6 Fun And Easy School Lunch Box Surprises

Posted by Linda Ayers on February 25, 2016


    fun and easy school lunch box surprises           

Every mom and dad can benefit from new ideas for great lunch box surprises. Your children’s hearts will be warmed if you add a bit of fun and an element of surprise to their lunch boxes. Here are some simple, fast, and inexpensive ideas to brighten up their day. Your precious ones will feel cherished when they see just how much love you demonstrate with these six innovative, easy ideas.


1.  Encouraging Notes

According to Julie Statom, a class facilitator for the parenting course, Growing Kids Gods Way, “Notes are one of the key methods to encourage your children.” She also points out that it is especially wonderful when dads get involved in writing notes of encouragement for their children.  Placing the note in a ziplock bag helps the note stay dry and children can save them for years to come.  Simple notes like, “I love you. Have a great day. I know that you will do great on your test,” will make a significant impact on your child’s day. Julie Statom can personally testify that she has seen a difference in her daughter’s day just by providing a kind, simple, thoughtful note.  Free printable notes can be located here.  

2.  Finger Sporks

Something out of the ordinary you may want to try is colorful finger sporks that serve as “wearable finger-eating utensils” and make lunchtime interesting for children.  Finger Sporks are easy to use; simply slip them over your fingertips and start enjoying your snacks. They are available at Amazon for approximately $6.  It is like an instant robotic enhancement for your little one’s fingertips! They typically come individually in 4 different bright colors. Finger sporks may very well be what it takes to get your kids to eat their veggies! 

3. Sandwich Lunch Cutters

Who likes the same square-shaped sandwich everyday?  Boring.  Instead make your kid’s next bite of their favorite sandwich lots of fun by putting different types of sandwich cutter shapes in their lunch box. There are lots of cute shapes such as stars, trains, hearts, bears, ducks, dinosaurs, airplanes and much more! I am sure your child will appreciate biting into a shape that they have chosen and artfully created with their cutters. Lunchpunch has several shapes to choose from. 

4.  Origami Napkins

How about a surprise that will keep your kids busy and entertained during lunch?  Spinning Hat Origami Napkins, found on Amazon, has developed the neat concept of napkin art! Each pack comes with an assortment of napkins with different origami patterns printed on them along with easy-to-follow instructions. Your child can have fun during their lunch break as they make a shirt, shoe, sailboat or duck from the napkins this company provides. All they have to do is follow the instructions printed on the napkins. A typical package consists of about 40 paper napkins in a pack that is priced at around $5. 

5.  Rollo and Hershey Kiss Pencils

A pencil treat will surely sweeten up your child’s day! This adorable idea will tantalize any child’s mouth as they bite into delicious chocolate. The Rollo and Hershey Kiss pencil is a craft your child make the day before their next lunch or bring the family together to get involved in this project. It doesn’t take much time to create the tasty treats. Step by step instructions are available here.   

6.  Gummy Candy

Gummy candy will make your child super happy plus give them a bit of extra energy. Don’t worry, they can run off the energy on the playground during lunch! There are over 100 gummy flavors and colors at Candystore.com that you can choose from. Shapes include bottles, worms, frogs, hamburgers, sharks, toy soldiers, bears, pizza to name a few. They’re also available at Winco Foods in the bulk product section at a wholesale price.  

Surprising your kiddos with lunch box surprises will help make their school year a better experience and maintain morale and interest by minimizing the monotony of daily tasks throughout the school year. The mere element of surprise will surely warm their little  (or older) hearts and tasty treats pair well with warmed hearts. Enjoy applying these simple ideas and contribute a spark into your child’s school year!  Which ones will you choose? 

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