A Second Generation Legacy Family:  Nadya Warner 2003 Graduate

Posted by Dr. Caroline Robison, O.D. on October 13, 2016
Dr. Caroline Robison, O.D.

Nadya Warner: a second generation legacy

The Warner Family

Why did a Heritage Oak School graduate decide to enroll her son in her Alma Mater? Nadya Warner, one of three alumni with children in Heritage Oak School (HOS), is creating a second generation legacy.  She moved to Tehachapi with her family while in christian high school in california and attended our school during her junior and senior years of high school.  Now thirteen years later, her son is one of the twenty students in the HOS second grade class.  I interviewed Nadya Warner to discover her reasons for enrolling her son here.

Nadya’s most important reason for choosing HOS is that she wants her son to have a good Christian education.  She had previously been homeschooling him for Kindergarten and First Grade.  Although she taught him Christian concepts at home while directing his academic education, she wanted him to experience Christian education through a different environment.

Other schools provide Christian education.  How is Heritage Oak School different in its approach? Our school discusses Biblical concepts throughout the day as each subject is taught.  Additionally, each parent is interviewed and is required to attend a parenting class prior to or in the first year a child is attending. Nadya appreciates this difference.  Not only did she learn ideas to help her in her own parenting, but she feels her son is in a safer environment than he might be in another school.  For example, if her son were to be picked on by another child on the playground, she knows that the playground monitors are trained to mediate between the children with a God focused perspective. If the one of the children were to pick on her son, she knows that that other child’s parents can be expected to be supportive in finding a resolution to the playground scenario. 

Nadya and her husband also wanted their son to have social interaction from other children.  His favorite class is Physical Education.  Although he enjoyed Physical Education while in a home school setting, you can imagine that it is a different experience playing physical activities with a large group of children.  While they wanted their son to have social interaction, they wanted him to be in a safe environment that reflected their Christian values.  

Nadya’s son is very happy with his teacher, Mrs. McMillin.  He gets along with his classmates and also has the pleasure of seeing his cousin on the playground who is in 3rd grade.  Why is his cousin in the school? That might be answered in another post on another day. 

Here's my interview with Nadya:

When did you graduate from Heritage Oak School?

I graduated in 2003.  I attended HOS during my junior and senior years of high school. My family moved to Tehachapi while I was in high school.

Do you have any special memories of your time at HOS?

I really enjoyed parties at our home with classmates from all the high school grades at once.  We had themed parties such as one from the 1950’s and another was from the 1970’s.   I really enjoyed being around other Christian people that helped keep me accountable.  My class was very small.  There were only four people in my graduating class. 

Why did you enroll your son?

I knew that I had a good Christian education and I wanted the same for my son.  I had been trying to give him Christian education on my own while homeschooling.  I wanted him to have more structure in his Christian education. 

My son also needed more social interaction than he was getting through homeschool.  By coming to HOS, he can interact with many children.  During Physical Education class he gets to spend time with all the kids in the first through third grades.  One of the third graders is his cousin. PE is his favorite class.  He also really loves his teacher, Mrs. McMillin.

The third reason that I enrolled my son at Heritage Oak School is because I feel he is safer than he would be in a public school.  I like that parents are required to attend a parenting class.  This puts all of us with children in the school on the same page when it comes to discipline.  My son is less likely to be picked on.  If he were picked on, I can ask for help from the school and the parents of the other child. Every parent was interviewed by the school ahead of enrollment.  During the interview process, problem solving scenarios, such as a child picking on another kid, were discussed.  I certainly appreciated the parenting class as it gave me good tips on parenting.  I also appreciate that he is less likely to learn things that I do not want him learning while attending HOS.Nadya's 2003 graduation photo

Nadya 2003 Graduate

Thank you, Nadya for sharing your story.  



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