Heritage Oak School Community Spotlight:  Emily Douglas

Posted by Dr. Caroline Robison, O.D. on November 17, 2016
Dr. Caroline Robison, O.D.

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Our community spotlight features Emily Douglas, kindergarten teacher and one of Heritage Oak School's beloved alumni!

Divine Opportunity

Imagine a place to go to school where you feel like everyone around you is as close as family.  Your teachers teach you about God’s love while showing love to you and your classmates.  You graduate from this school and go away to college.  Then soon after graduation God reveals a Divine opportunity that you never imagined would occur.  You return to this school as a teacher feeling a sense of belonging as if you were never away.  This is a true story about an alumnus from Heritage Oak School of Tehachapi, California who found herself in a dream job after trusting in God’s timing and provision.  Welcome back to the Heritage Oak School family, Mrs. Emily Douglas!  She is our new kindergarten teacher. 

Mrs. Douglas has special memories of attending Heritage Oak School over several years until graduating Tehachapi high school 2012.  One of her most favorite memories is when her teachers shared stories about their own past experiences.  These stories created a bond between her and her teachers.  Mrs. Douglas is looking forward to developing those bonds with her own students. 

One of the ways both she and the teachers from her past build bonds and impact the futures of the students is through Biblical teaching.  In her Kindergarten class, she has been teaching about the Fruits of the Spirit.  Recently, her class read a book about patience.  She discussed with the children not only what God says about patience, but how to apply patience with each other, and why they need to show it to each other.

Mrs. Douglas had to exercise patience herself while waiting on God to reveal the Divine opportunity He had for her.  After high school graduation, she went to Azusa Pacific University with the intention of becoming a teacher.  It was not her original plan to return to her Alma Mater for her teaching career.  She graduated from Azusa Pacific University this past May and was recently married to a wonderful, godly man.  The two of them searched for jobs and a place to live.  They sought God for what He wanted for their new marriage.  They tried searching for jobs outside of Emily’s hometown of Tehachapi, but God did not want them leaving.  The kindergarten teacher position opened up at Heritage Oak School and another excellent job was handed to Emily’s husband.  Emily refers to this job as the biggest “Yes!” from God. 

Dear Emily,

The only reason you are in the classroom with the kindergarten students is because God put you there.  Welcome back into the hearts of Heritage Oak School, Emily Douglas.  I for one am very excited for how God will bless you in this teaching ministry.  My daughter is one of your students.  Years ago, I was introduced to your family when you were very young.  I have seen you grow into a wise and compassionate Woman of God.  I’m looking forward to looking back on the positive impact you will have on my own daughter’s character.  She asked me a few days ago if she will be able to continue at Heritage Oak School when she is a big kid.  She said that she wants to keep attending a school where she learns about God.  Mrs. Douglas, Thank you for instilling in my daughter the joy of learning about God as you are teaching her math and reading.   

Love in Christ,

Mrs. Caroline Robison, A Grateful Mom


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