Student Perspective: 5 Reasons Why We Read Old Books

Posted by Alyssa Statom on August 25, 2016

old books 

There are so many wonderful reasons why we read old books. Reading can teach us new things.  It can show us how others lived, and how we can apply how they lived to our lives.  It can bring us together, take us on wild adventures, and even teach us to just have fun while we read. Reading is an adventure waiting to happen. It is a teaching tool, and a friendship builder. It’s even a fun entertainer.

1. To teach us new things

There is so much to learn in this world, so much we can have fun learning about. Reading old books teaches us the wonders of this world. It teaches us why we read and how to enjoy reading. Reading teaches us how to communicate with those around us. It teaches us not only history, but maybe even how to read.

2.  To show us how others lived and apply it to our lives

People in the past used to live differently. They wore different clothes, acted differently and even talked differently. Reading old books helps us see how those people lived, and gives us the opportunity to apply it to our lives and see a whole new experience.

3.  To bring us closer together

Reading old books brings us closer together, not only mentally, but physically also. If you’re a book lover, and you have friends that are book lovers, too, reading old books can bring you closer. How, you might ask? Reading gives us an idea of how people dressed, and maybe even how they talked, which might spark your attention. Reading the same thing, and getting excited about learning new things, might get you and your friends excited, causing you to become closer. Reading gives us a whole new perspective of life.

4.  To take us on adventures

There are many wise men and women in the world, that people should know about. For example, J.R.R. Tolkien opens the minds of children and gives them an opportunity to experience a whole new adventure. He shows children that “Home is behind, the world ahead.” There is adventure for every young or experienced reader that is just waiting to happen. The path is open. It’s time to have an adventure.  

5.  To just have fun

If learning and getting closer to others didn’t spark your interest, maybe it will when I tell you that you can have fun while reading. Reading doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, reading can actually be exciting and relaxing. When reading, instead of looking at the book as something that you have to read for school, why not try looking at it as something that will make you smarter, something that will give you the opportunity to be like some of the people in the past? Reading can give you a jump of excitement.   You just have to learn to love it.

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