Student Perspective:  Small Class Sizes

Posted by David Warrick on July 07, 2016


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One of the things I love about Heritage Oak School is the smaller class sizes. This allows teachers to make sure all the students understand the concepts. In a regular sized class, it is easy to hide in the back row, and not pay attention. But in HOS, with an average of about seven students per class, the students are front and center, paying attention. Hopefully the motives for being interested and attentive are not solely because the students are avoiding getting in trouble, but this can certainly affect participation.

Another benefit of smaller classes is that it is easier for teachers to keep up on homework. In Omnibus class, we do a lot of reading.  With our small class, the teacher can take the first five minutes of class to have the students say one thing about the reading of the night before. Also, it is much easier for the teachers to keep track of their students' skill level for their classes. The teachers can give students extra help if they need it, or get them a tutor, or whatever is needed to catch the students up on the curriculum.

Lastly, a small school allows close friendships to be forged. It is going to be much easier to make good friends if you are around them more. But if you are in a large school, you may not even be in the same class as your friends from sports, church, etc. So, it will be harder to further friendships. Also, all kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade eat together, and all kids in 7th through 12th grade eat together. In large schools, that many classes do not eat together.

The benefits of Heritage Oak School's smaller school and classes are more teacher attention, teachers are able to keep up on homework, and the kids are able to make friendships easily.Kindergarten Options: Selecting The Right School For Your Child

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