The Busy Mom's Favorite Home Organization Apps and Tips

Posted by Lindsay Coleman-Villalpondo on August 11, 2016
Lindsay Coleman-Villalpondo

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My alarm goes off 5:30am on a Wednesday morning, by alarm I mean goats crying for me to get up, feed them, and start the day. Who needs a fancy alarm clock when you have animals and children to wake you? 

All my days start of particularly early, but Wednesdays are different. Wednesdays are my mid week, chaotic day packed full of the normal mom and wife duties, but also include dance class, Awanas club, and Bible study! This particular day I sometimes dread due to the stacked schedule and running around.  Work still has to get done and dinner made and fed to everyone while insuring I get everywhere on time. It can be an overwhelming day, so I decided to experiment with some of these home organization apps I keep hearing about. 

I know what you’re thinking, why add one more thing to an already crazy day? Well, I can be forgetful on these busy days and it also gets easy to mismanage valuable time. 

These apps could save some tears, stress, and maybe even give me some moments to myself on my chaotic Wednesday. I was feeling hopeful so I gave some a try!

Here's what I found most helpful and continue to use throughout the week, especially on my busy Wednesday.

Grocery Gadget Shopping List ($3.99)

What It Does: Creates multiple shopping lists for different stores, matches coupons to shopping items and lets you compare item prices across stores.

What I Love: The sync feature lets you share your grocery list so you and Hubby won't both buy that gallon of milk for the week.

*Also available for Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phones

MyMiniWallet (Free)

What It Does: Stores, organizes and recalls your gift cards, receipts, coupons and membership cards in one place.

What I Love: It creates more space in your actual wallet. The share feature is especially useful when someone needs to borrow a coupon or membership card from you and vice-versa.

Taasky ($1.99)

What It Does: Organizes your day. Create task lists, shopping lists, and more! Make reminders for where you need to be and by what time.

What I Love: There is a feature which allows you to focus on priority tasks for the day, and you can sync with your iCloud!

These apps all made me feel more confident going about my busy week, especially on Wednesdays. Other great organizing tips for conquering a full day of mom duties are:

Have all family members get out their clothes for the following day the evening before.

This is a great way to avoid wasting time in the morning deciding what to wear and trying to locate what is clean.

Make lunches the night before.

You will save precious time in the mornings by making lunches the night before. It makes for one less task you have to do in the morning and allows you to focus more on your family and yourself. Imagine a few extra minutes in the morning to sleep, pray, meditate, or just enjoy a cup of coffee!

Make Wednesdays (or your busy day) a crock-pot dinner night.

By throwing dinner in the crock-pot when you wake up, you will eliminate that stress of trying to prep and cook a dinner before you have to take children to multiple activities. You will feel better that everyone is still getting a healthy, home-cooked meal and will be cutting down time in the kitchen that evening.  Another perk, most crock-pot meals are easyon the budget!

Take snacks and bottled water with you to avoid having whiny, hungry children while you are trying to get everyone where they need to be on time.

Having a few snacks and water in your car can really help save time on a busy day.  This will help you avoid having to do a fast food run in between running around and keep everyone happy in your car, including Mom! 

Use your new apps!

You will find your day will be much less hectic when you know you are not forgetting anything. Shopping trips will go by faster, you will get reminders of where you are supposed to be and by what time, and even be able to sync your tasks with your spouse so that they may help with the load. The helpful apps mentioned above will give you added confidence to have a smoother day and enjoy some spare time to yourself. 

Now I wake up early to the sound of our animals and children full of confidence that I will have a successful day! Just changing a few things in my daily routine and trying these simple tips and apps have made my days less stressful and more productive, I feel like a happier mom.

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