The time that I have spent at Heritage Oak School has more than prepared me for the next  exam, or the next step. HOS has latched me onto the Bible and encouraged me to turn to it in everything I do. My worldview has been shaped into that of a Proverbs 31, devote warrior woman for Christ. At Heritage Oak, I have been pushed to succeed in every area of life and to  work to the best of my ability to further the Kingdom. HOS is a place where teachers are your friends and even if the sun doesn’t seem to shine, you know that it is.

As I further pursue my education, in hope of becoming a nurse, I have applied to several colleges and recently received an acceptance letter from my dream school: Biola University! I ask for your prayers as I venture outside of the only things I have ever known, into a world that will challenge and change me. But my roots are set firm... I have been raised and taught in the way that I should go.  Heritage Oak School has prepared me to face authority: with humility, crowds: with confidence,  problems: with Bible in hand, trials: with perseverance, and life: with a passion and purpose to serve our Maker. Heritage Oak School is not only a school for children, it is a home for little Christs in pursuit of purpose only found in our Savior.