Support Tehachapi Students

Do you envision a world led by strong leaders educated in Christian Truth? Are you looking for a minstry that is building Christ-like character in young men and women? If so, your tax-free donation to Heritage Oak School will help turn your vision into a reality. Here at Heritage Oak School private school in Tehachapi, we are working to grow boys and girls into discerning thinkers who are prepared to help solve challenging issues in our community and throughout the world while applying Christian ethics.

One student at a time

It's easy to be discouraged about the cultural decline in America, but do we know how to effect change and help turn society around? Every student that is educated in Biblical thinking moves us one step closer in the right direction. And we want to see more students have that opportunity!  Your donation is vital in supporting a community transformation to meet this goal. It's an investment in our future. It's an investment in the belief that Christian leaders will make an eternal impact on our world!

growing Christian leaders every day

Will you partner with Heritage Oak School and make a donation to effect real change in our community and the lives of so many?