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Knight’s Athletics

Heritage Oak School’s new and growing sports program targets our goals for healthy, active students prepared to meet the challenges ahead. Athletic objectives for Middle (7‐9) and Upper School (10‐12) students include:

  • Building team, school & community spirit
  • Character development & sportsmanship through physical challenges
  • Opportunities for team leadership development
  • Building youth confidence & endurance
  • Fitness goals for lifetime health & Christian service
  • Providing a platform for living the Gospel

Current Sports Include

  • Cross country running (CIF); grades 7-12
  • Mountain Biking (NICA); grades 6-12
  • Rifle and Pistol Team; grades 7-12

As the student body continues to grow, Heritage Oak plans to offer more options such as basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, swimming, wrestling, and other small team sports.

Students participating in the Knights Athletic program typically meet M‐Th from 3:30pm ‐ 5:00pm and for special practice sessions or events as scheduled as well as occasionally on Saturdays.

Physical Education Classes

All students in Middle School participate in Physical Education classes five days a week in order to fulfill California state requirements.

Knights of Heritage Oak Boosters

Parents wishing to help support our athletics program through fundraising, parent coaching, athletic development, and encouraging athletes by attending events, please contact us at Watch our school Facebook page for our quarterly FunDrives!

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