Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Dec 12, 2018Blog

An adult male patient came to me seeking help. He didn’t need help with his physical health but his mental and spiritual health. Despite a reportedly happy marriage, he was addicted to porn and knew he had a problem. And like most people in today’s age, he thought I could prescribe a pill to fix it. Sadly, there is no medication that could treat this sin. Thankfully, God promises to not just treat but cure this and all other addictions at the end of time. He also gives us truth and guidance on this topic in His Word. Not only do adult males and females struggle with this addiction, but now we are seeing more and more young children falling into this trap as porn is so easily accessible on the internet . Knowing how easy they can access it and how destructive it can be in their lives, how can we help our children understand and avoid falling into my patient’s situation?