HOS Online


At Heritage Oak School, we are thrilled to invite you to embark on an exceptional educational journey for your child. Our online admission process is designed to be convenient, accessible, and seamless, ensuring a smooth transition to becoming a part of our vibrant learning community.

We now offer online class options for Heritage Oak students in grades 8 and above who need:

• to recover a course credit;

• to take a missed course or close an academic gap due to a transfer in schools;

• to strengthen skills in various subject areas;

• to meet AP, dual credit, or elective goals;

• to meet a transcript or college requirement.

Classes start on Mondays throughout the summer and school year. Most courses are UC Approved and WASC accredited. For more information and to visit with our HOS Online Coordinator, Stephanie Smith, please email info@heritageoakschool.com and include your name and phone number.


We appreciate your interest in our school!

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