Grades 7-9

Students in the School of Logic (grades 7-9) are brought into their next phase of study, which is aimed at developing sharp, confident thinkers and careful, compassionate listeners. These years in the School of Logic are an important step toward greater responsibility and maturity intellectually, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

While building upon what was cultivated in Grammar school, secondary teachers call upon our students to grow in responsible study, careful observation, and close reading in Omnibus courses (an integrated study of history, literature, and theology); challenge them to orderly thinking and prudent reasoning in Logic courses; and encourage them toward the practice of self-governance, service, school spirit, and leadership in the House system (see Course of Study for grades 7-9). In these classes, Logic students are guided by mentor Christian leaders and educators, who desire to see the students thrive, as their world begins to expand and their relationship with Christ deepen.

Furthermore, students are provided opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, including cross country, mountain biking, as well as our debate, rocket, and drama clubs.

For those new to classical Christian education, the Logic School years are an excellent time to transition into Heritage Oak School. Come experience a live classroom discussion and tour our campus!


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Emphasis on spiritual growth for the student is the most important aspect of the Heritage Oak experience. It is our desire to provide an Biblically immersive experience where all the resources are provided for each individual heart to become passionate for Christ and to strengthen their mind through a deep understanding for the Truth; that each graduate would exemplify a joy filled relationship with Christ as their Lord and King.

Grammar School Spiritual life

Spiritual life studies and activities for students in grades K-6 include:


  • Weekly chapel service
  • Catechisms based on Protestant doctrines of the Faith
  • Bible Memory: Verses, Chapters, and Themes
  • Overview of the Old and New Testament stories (Grades K-1)
  • Overview of the Bible and significance of events in history (Grades 2-6)
  • Bible Teaching on Worldview Foundations 
  • Various service projects throughout the year

Logic & Rhetoric School Spiritual Life

Spiritual life studies and activities for students in grades 7-12 include:


  • Weekly chapel service
  • Weekly Bible Study and Discussion
  • Reading through the entire Bible and with faculty mentors
  • Catechisms based on Protestant doctrines of the Faith
  • Bible Memory: Verses, Chapters, and Themes
  • Integrated Biblical Worldview coursework in all subjects
  • Apologetics and Applied Theology Courses
  • Community service participation
  • Apologetics Mission Trip for Juniors and Seniors

We believe this model of spiritual education forms the heart for life. Read the Associaion of Classical Christian Schools 7 Life Outcomes of ACCS Alumni in the Good Soil Study to see for yourself!