Logic School



Focusing on grades 7‐9, our middle years program called the Logic School is designed to meet the changing needs of growing students as they begin the next phase of their educational journey. This as an exciting time for students as they take on new academic endeavors based on previously learned knowledge and advancing developmental reasoning: logic classes, debate team, and a growing desire to explore deeper thoughts through God’s Word, classical works and socratic questioning.

Guided by mentor Christian leaders and educators, students thrive as their world begins to expand and their relationship with Christ grows. Students coming into the Logic School are assigned Houses where they develop interpersonal relationships by working with other House members to practice self‐governance, learn leadership skills, participate in school spirit activities, develop honor, and live out their faith through community service.

For those new to classical Christian education, the Logic School years are an excellent time to transition into Heritage Oak School. Come experience a live classroom discussion and tour our campus!

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