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Parent jobs are one of the most important aspects of Heritage Oak School. Not only are they critical to the smooth running of our school, they provide a unique opportunity for you, the parent, to serve as a godly mentor to all the students. Your Christian influence is a vital part of the students’ spiritual growth. We encourage you to view your parent job as a privilege to serve and not simply just an obligation to fulfill. Your enthusiasm, confidence and consistency will go a long way in influencing the students.

Be assured that the job you are required to serve will be an investment with eternal significance. The students and the school will be blessed by your commitment, while you will be blessed in return.

After all applications are received, the Administrator and/or Principal will review them and will place each parent in an appropriate Parent Job. (See Parent/Student Handbook for a list of jobs available.) Though we will try to accommodate each parent by placing you in a job by using the information provided, we may have to place you according to the greatest need. You will be notified of your selected position on orientation night in August. If we do not receive your application, we will place you in a Parent Job at our own discretion.

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